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Cuban Sazon Spice Blend

Cuban Sazon Spice Blend

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You can use this spice blend to give some Cuban flare to pork chops, chicken thighs or legs and it also gives great flavour to black beans!! 

When I think of Cuba I don't just think of white sand and beaches, I think of magnificent, symbolic architecture, a great cultural melting pot that emerged due to Spanish colonialism and slavery. I also think about how this has shaped Cuban cuisine. Cuban Sazone Completa is a reflection of the fusion of Spanish and the Caribean - so why not add this to your basket to enjoy this taste experience with us! 

100% Natural Ingredients 

ground coriander,  garlic powder,  ground cumin,  kosher salt,  paprika,  onion powder,  dried oregano, freshly ground black pepper

Quick-fire EASY 'Cuban Arroz Con Pollo (Chicken)' recipe

This recipe is so easy, with only ten minutes of prep time and perfect to make some moreish chicken to treat yourself after a hard day's work! Just add 3 tablespoons of the BIG BANG! Cuban Sazon complete to the onions and peppers whilst you are sauteeing them and boom! 


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Allergen Information

May contain traces of cereal containing gluten, eggs, milk, nuts, mustard, soyabeans, celery, sesame seeds, milk and peanuts

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