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Indian Curry Masala Spice Kit

Indian Curry Masala Spice Kit

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Ever wondered how to get that authentic Indian curry flavour?

It's all about the spices! Look no further, this spice kit is exploding with the most popular and exquisite tastes of India. You will be spoilt for choice with this 100 % natural, no-nasties spiceĀ kit to use in a multitude of ways. Each spice blend has been carefully researched, tried and tested, all containing the highest quality spices.

We take pride in our products and can guarantee this will be a perfect gift for curry lovers everywhere.Ā  This spice kit contains six of the most gorgeous blendsĀ you canĀ find!Ā 

  • Originating from Southern India, Madras curry powder has been carefully blended and packed full of flavour and an aroma you will adore. The turmeric which forms a base for this blend gives Madras its beautiful vibrant yellow colour and compliments the gorgeous, lemony taste of coriander.
  • Tikka masala spice blend Who knew leftovers could be even more delicious? Superbly, aromatic and flavourful, why not enjoy one of Britainā€™s most loved takeaway dishes at home? A great addition to poultry but can also be sprinkled onto Cauliflower or Broccoli.
  • Tandoori seasoning is used widely in India for cooking in the Tandoor or oven. Though the combination of the spices may vary from region to region we have tried and tested the perfect spice mix which has a beautifully warming with a slightly fiery taste sensation.
  • Garam masala is a staple curry powder found in many international dishes including, Sri Lankan, Caribbean, and Bangladeshi cuisine. Garam means ā€˜hotā€™, so thanks to the black pepper ingredient, you can guarantee this curry powder will give your meal a beautiful and full-bodied kick
  • Rogan Josh Curry powder is a signature curry powder for Kashmiri cuisine. It boasts a lovely tangy and aromatic flavour which can be used to liven up many curries, especially those containing red meat (traditionally Rogan Josh was used with goat, mutton and lamb) and works very well with fried vegetables.
  • Vindaloo Curry powder, influenced by Portuguese settlement in India and is known as one of theĀ fierierĀ spice blends. This curry powder works wonderfully with meat dishes as well as Tofu and even Paneer.

Further details

  • We are proud that all spices are handpicked, 100% natural and free from anti-caking agents, additives, colourings, preservatives, flavour enhancers and other nasties in any of our ingredients.
  • Ā The kitĀ is packaged in our standard mailer boxĀ and filled with cushioning to provide protection during transit.
  • Make sure you always close the lid tight and store in a cool, dark, dry cupboard. For more information regarding storage please visit our website
  • Each kit has a shelf life of over a year though many can be kept and used for longer if stored correctly. For more information visit our website
  • Each bottle will list any allergens, please read the label carefully. For more information, please visit our website
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Allergen Information

May contain traces of cereal containing gluten, eggs, milk, nuts, mustard, soyabeans, celery, sesame seeds, milk and peanuts

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